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Towable Graders in Traverse City

For superior road and lot maintenance, look no further than a towable road grader from Schunk's Enterprises, Inc.

Our reliable, state-of-the-art devices promise excellent results for many years. You can save thousands in costly road repairs overtime with our devices.

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc is a family-owned business with all of our operations right here in Traverse City. Our graders are designed, manufactured, and assembled locally in Traverse City. We are proud to provide shipping for our graders to anywhere in the United States.

We offer four different models of ECO graders of varying sizes and capabilities. Depending on the model you select, ECO graders can be towed by ATVs, tractors, or large pickups to ensure ease of use.

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc has an extensive experience in a variety of backgrounds, including farming, road maintenance, construction, and heavy machine operation. Our collective knowledge permits us to create practical, durable graders that combine traditional designs with innovative features.

Our graders are also priced competitively and retain their value tremendously over time.

If you have inquiries or would appreciate further information, we would be happy to assist you directly! Contact Schunk's Enterprises, Inc today!

Towable Road Grader Features

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc’s graders have a simple, intuitive design that allows them to be used by any customer. Our graders feature 2-inch ball hitches as well as safety cables for easy, dependable towing every time.

ECO graders come in four different lengths, giving you the best for your road grading needs. Roads receive a smooth, even finished surface free of bumps or potholes. ECO graders are ideal for both hard ground and soft new material.

Our graders are greater in length than the average road grader, which means a faster, more even grade. With more ground being covered per pass, this also means reduced fuel costs for the towing vehicle.

ECO graders are adjustable, and can be altered to suit the angle of a road’s slope for crowning. If you are grading a flat surface such as a parking lot, a level setting can be used.

Graders are also designed with towing in mind. Blades are installed at 45 degrees, ensuring ease of towing across any surface with any vehicle.

Towable ECO graders are finished in a high-quality powder coat paint with a clear coat finish, baked on to ensure durability and protection against sediment.

Models of Towable Graders

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc manufactures and sells graders in four different models. They are available in 4FT, 5FT, 6FT, and 8FT lengths.

The size and weight of your ECO grader will dictate your towing needs. The smallest graders can be towed using an ATV, while the larger ones require a tractor or a full-sized pickup.

ECO graders include rear reflector tape as well as a slow moving vehicle sign, making them ideal for a variety of road grading tasks. They can also be optioned with LED tail lights for additional safety and security.

For mobility, the graders are equipped with heavy-duty golf cart tires and independent rear axle adjustment.

If you are unsure of which of our models is best for you, drop by our Traverse City location or contact us! One of our technicians would be delighted to advise you.

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