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Schunk's Enterprises, Inc is a family-owned manufacturer and distributor of high-quality, durable road graders for a variety of purposes.

Our exclusive ECO graders, designed and built onsite, are made specifically to address problems found in conventional graders. Our towable units are longer than most graders for faster, more even performance. The grade can also be adjusted to your specifications for road crowning at any slope.

The ECO grader is the result of long field experience in gravel, farming, road construction, and machine operation, our machines are suited to any road or lot surface.

Whether you require grading for a private road, parking lot, driveway, trail, or other route of passage, Schunk's Enterprises, Inc has what you need.

Combining time-tested designs with many innovative features, the ECO grader has the strength and reliability to take on any challenge.

We operate proudly in Chicago, and are also able to ship the ECO graders anywhere in the US.

For all budgets and requirements, Schunk's Enterprises, Inc offers four distinct models of the ECO grader. You can be sure that we have the grader to suit your needs.

Best of all, our ECO graders are locally designed and manufactured, and available at affordable prices.

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Features of the ECO Grader

The ECO grader is set apart from conventional graders by its many useful features. It is designed for improved performance and durability.

Designed and built by a leader in the industry, the ECO grader is built on a longer frame. This means a faster, more even grade. A single pass with the ECO grader will accomplish that of several with other graders, resulting in greater fuel efficiency and faster completion.

The ECO grader is designed with towing in mind. Its blades are installed at 45° for ease of towing. The heavy-duty design withstands friction and resistance, maintaining its strength and evenness.

All of our models are manufactured and completed at our facility right here in Chicago.

Depending on your surface, you may require crowning or sloping. ECO graders can be adjusted to various angles, ensuring proper and level road surfaces and an appropriate drainage gradient.

The ECO grader is also specially treated to ensure a long life of use. Each machine is painted with a baked-on powder coat, sealing and protecting against the elements.

ECO graders are equipped with wireless remote control for lifting, and can be operated by anyone. Why outsource the work when you could do it yourself?

Lastly, the ECO grader is highly portable and transportable. It can be dismantled into sizes as small as one foot squared by four feet in length, to ensure ease of shipping and storage.

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Road Grading Models Available

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc offers four different grading models of different widths. Regardless of the road or lot surface you need to grade, you can be certain we have a model that will work for you.

The following grader configurations are available: 4FT, 5FT, 6FT, and 8FT.

ECO graders can be ordered with a variety of options added to the standard equipment.

Take a moment and explore the different road graders we manufacture.

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