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Road Grader Sales in Chicago

At Schunk's Enterprises, Inc, we are proud to oversee all aspects of our business from our facility in Chicago. The design, manufacturing, and sales of our products take place right here. We are pleased to provide shipping for our graders all over the United States.

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc’s graders retail at affordable, competitive prices. The durability of our products ensures a long life for your grader.

You will be amazed at the amount you will save in maintenance and repair costs over time!

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc’s catalog is comprised of four distinct models for graders. We also have a multitude of additional options available at your request. You can be certain that we have a grader suited to every budget and project.

For more information on pricing and specifications, contact Schunk's Enterprises, Inc today. One of our representatives would be pleased to assist you!

4FT Grader

Our smallest grader, the 4FT is a wonderful option for driveways and trails.

Measuring 4 feet wide by 8 feet long, it is made of a framework of angle iron. The frame is designed to add up to 6 solid concrete blocks for further cutting force.

The 4FT grader can be disassembled and dismantled to only 1 x 1 x 4 feet, for easy shipping and storage.

It provides exceptional ease of use, adjusting for road crowning and pulling in material.

The highly durable cutting blades and box scraper are replaceable, ensuring a long life of grading.

5FT Grader

The 5FT grader measures 5 feet in width by 13 feet in length.

The design features angled blades, ensuring even distribution and dispersal of dirt. A 12-volt battery is an optional feature.

The 5FT is large enough to provide efficient grading, yet can still be towed by ATVs or golf carts.

The 5FT is ideal on sloped or flat surfaces, and easy to operate. Cutting force can be enhanced with concrete blocks on the frame.

6FT Grader

Our midsize grader, the 6FT grader measures 6 x 17. It is ideal for use on driveways, private roads, trails, race tracks, and parking lots.

It can be towed by tractors, pickups, or ATVs alike. There are over 18 feet of blade contact with road surfaces. The frame is comprised of 3 x 3 x 3 steel tubing.

For the 6FT, options include a manual lift ratchet for the front of the grader.

A 2-way hydraulic cylinder, factory-installed tail lights, hydraulic pump, and 12-volt battery are also optional.

8FT Grader

Our top-of-the-line ECO Road Grader Deluxe is built to provide outstanding grading. Over 30 feet of blades are included, ensuring ultimate contact with road surfaces.

It can be used on public and private roads, campgrounds, driveways, parking lots, and trails.

Measuring 8 feet in width by 25 feet in length, the blades are made of incredibly durable AR-400 steel for extreme longevity.

The standard 15-inch bias tires easily support and move the grader, while stabilizing it to eliminate bouncing.

Optional equipment includes wireless remote control, notched front blades, and hydraulic cylinders with hoses. The force of the hydraulic down pressure more than doubles the weight of the grader.

Our representatives at Schunk's Enterprises, Inc would be happy to help you select the model which is best for your needs.

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