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If you need a towable grader for roads, lots, and pathways, look no further than Schunk's Enterprises, Inc.

We are the manufacturer of the ECO Grader: the innovative, industry-leading product now for sale in Muskegon and the surrounding area. Made here in Michigan, it offers unrivaled precision, exceptional utility, and unbeatable durability. And starting at just $599.00, it’s an absolute steal of a deal.

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The ECO Grader: Humble Origins, Unlimited Potential

Lee Schunk is the inventor of the ECO Grader. A farmer by trade and a tinkerer at heart, he spent countless years struggling with subpar road graders that were either too imprecise, too finicky, or too fragile. He knew there had to be a better tool available to small operators to grade their roads, pathways, and plots of land. He searched but found no such product.

So he invented it.

Enter the ECO Grader. With its robust yet simple design, this piece of machinery is a modern marvel, with enough strength, power, and precision for even the toughest towing jobs. Made by a small business owner, for small business owners—this is the towable road grader for you.

Experience the ECO Grader Advantage

  • Better Precision—The ECO Grader’s blades are positioned at a unique 45-degree angle. Consequently, they “bite” into the ground more effectively, giving you a smoother, cleaner grade and an easier towing experience.
  • Fully Adjustable—Height, angle, lift. All are fully adjustable on the ECO, making it especially capable when grading different terrains and crowning the tops of roads.
  • Easy to Use—The ECO Grader features an intuitive design that makes it easy to use. And for even more usability, it comes available with a range of convenient features, including wireless remote control, hydraulic lift, and more!
  • Greater Durability—Made of a high-grade steel alloy with a baked-on powder coat, the ECO Grader is one tough piece of machinery. It features few moving parts, ensuring that there’s less of a chance for something to go wrong. When you go ECO, you go farther.
  • Environmentally Friendly—It’s not called ECO for no reason. Thanks to its lightweight, streamlined design, the ECO Grader is tough on bumps but light on gas. It offers an unparalleled level of fuel efficiency, saving you money, and reducing your fuel emissions.

Four Customizable Road Graders for Sale

The ECO Grader comes available in four different sizes: 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet.

Our 4-foot model, the smallest option, is suitable for smaller plots that only require minor grading. It’s our most affordable and portable option, and it can be equipped to vehicles as small as an ATV.

On the other hand, our 8-foot model is the ultimate all-purpose road grader. It features over 30 feet of blades made from high-grade AR-400 steel. Bumps and potholes beware: Nothing will stand in the way of this thing.

Each model comes with a slew of available features and optional upgrades. Visit each one’s page to find out more!

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We’re confident that we offer the best towable road grader for sale on the market today. It’s affordable. It’s durable. And it provides the best grading experience available.

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