Road Grader Sales in Chicago

Do you need to create a smooth, flat surface out of the land you’re working on? If so, you’re probably looking for a high-quality road grader.

At Schunk's Enterprises, Inc, you’ll find a variety of road graders to choose from. That’s right, we don’t just offer one size grader. We offer tow-behind graders that ranging from four feet in width to eight feet in width!

Do I Need a Road Grader?

If you’re under the impression that pull-behind graders are only for licensed construction and road workers, you are mistaken. Outside of intensive roadwork, there are many uses for road graders! This accessible machinery can be used to simplify the backbreaking labor of debris removal and even snow removal! If you’re new to the road grader and its many different components (such as the blade, the moldboard, and the ball hitches, for example), these uncomplicated tasks will be the perfect way to familiarize yourself with the grader and boost your confidence!

Most of the time, people will enlist the help of a motor grader for road building, road maintenance or the development of a private driveway. If you’re looking at the various earthmoving equipment and machinery on the market today, graders are undoubtedly the best on the market. You can count on Schunk's Enterprises, Inc’s pull-behind graders to create everything from a rough-quality grade to a precise finished grade. Tow-behind graters can spread stone, mix together different aggregates of stone onto a newly developed road, and more.

The uses of road graders are limitless, really. Many people in on the outskirts of the city will use their graders to create off-road trails on their property. You can even add attachments to a grader, so it can scarify hard asphalt. Pretty impressive for a piece of machinery that you can purchase from Schunk's Enterprises, Inc for as little as $599, isn’t it?

Used Road Graders or New Road Graders?

When you’re looking to purchase equipment like a grader or wheel loader, you might feel pressured to search for affordable second-hand options. But the price stickers on second-hand items are always deceiving, so beware. If you are interested in buying a second-hand grader, you ought to be familiar with the many ins and outs of the machine so you can give it a thorough inspection. If you fail to inspect your grader properly, you might wind up with a grader that is in need of many repairs, is no longer under warranty, and is not as eco-friendly as the modern models available to purchase from companies like Schunk's Enterprises, Inc.

Pull Type Graders for Sale and More!

Every construction project is different, and that’s why we offer a variety of different graders. You can choose from our popular four, five, and six-foot graders, or even our heavy-duty eight-foot graders. While our five-foot graders are usually towed behind all-terrain vehicles and golf cats, our eight-foot graders are best suited for tractors and large pick-up trucks.

Whether you need a motor grade for public road maintenance, your community’s racetrack, or for snow removal, we are confident that we have the right tow-behind grader for you. Call us today!

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