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If you are looking for quality construction equipment to help you complete your next project, look no further than the on-site assembled road graders, courtesy of Schunk's Enterprises, Inc. You won’t find graders these great anywhere else! Call us at (989) 429-3921 today.


Sometimes All the Help You Need Comes from Reliable Construction Equipment

People say that many hands make light work. While that is often the case, some projects require more than a helping hand. Some of them require durable and versatile construction equipment. Things like backhoes, cranes, and excavators do the work that few people are capable of.

Finding the right equipment can be a real test of your patience. The search can also be costly. How are you supposed to make sure you buy the best equipment for property maintenance, construction, or land clearing? We suggest looking for the company who offers:

  • Free No-Obligation Consultations
  • Extended Warranties on All Products
  • Trial-Runs and Demonstrations
  • Affordably-Priced Graders
  • A Wide Variety of Towable Graders for Any Application
  • …and more!

You’ll only find one team in Traverse City who promises and provides all this and more—and that’s us. Want to learn more? Call us today!

Why Buy a Factory-Made Road Grader When You Can Have an ECO-Grader?

When you’re buying a road grader from us, you’re not just selecting something from a catalogue and giving us your credit card information. You’re getting a road grader tailored to your needs.

Whether you’re looking for a grader to eliminate an uneven surface for a driveway-in-progress, or one with a wireless remote-control system included, we’re the company for you.

Our Road Grading Models Come in a Variety of Sizes

When we say we have many grading implements to choose from, we don’t simply mean they’re different colors or of different qualities. We build graders of all sizes for different purposes. We offer 4-foot, 5-foot, 6-foot, and 8-foot graders!

For the uninitiated, these differences in size might not matter. But for those who have experience crowning roads, they know that only an 8’ grader with more than 30 feet of blades and independent rear axles can get the job done.

Our Box Scrapers and Graders Come with an Extended Warranty

We know full well that our graders are a big investment for a lot of people. To make sure they feel comfortable with their choice, we offer extended warranties for extra assurance and protection.

Great Graders and Grade-A Customer Service

Some companies will skimp on common courtesies and quality customer service when they know their products or services are incredible. But not us. We go the extra mile for our clients. Whether you’re looking for a demonstration or want to test out a grader for yourself, we will be able to help you.

The Best Grader Manufacturers in All of Traverse City

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