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Schunk's Enterprises, Inc is proud to manufacture, design, and sell the finest road graders currently available on the market.

Our exclusive towable graders are built and assembled on-site and designed to overcome problems of conventional graders. The ECO grader provides outstanding durability, performance, and a smooth finish to a wide variety of surfaces.

With four distinct models to choose from, you can be certain to find the road grader perfect for your needs. You’ll appreciate our unmatched expertise, commitment to great customer service, and superior products.

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State-Of-The-Art Road Graders

At Schunk's Enterprises, Inc, road graders are our specialty. Our many years of experience in the farming, road construction, gravel, and machine operation industries have led us to develop what we consider to be the ultimate towable road grader.

Our road graders are built to be towed by a wide variety of vehicles, including ATVs, tractors, or pickups. They also come standard with numerous options. Each stage of the ECO grader’s design and construction takes place locally, and we are pleased to provide free shipping to all locations in the United States.

Whether your grading requirements are for a private road, trail, parking lot, driveway, or any other surface, you can be confident of a superior smooth finish free of jaggedness, bumps, or potholes. ECO graders provide years of dependable use and maintain their value excellently overtime.

Four Road Grader Models to Choose From

Depending on your needs, we offer four distinct models of the ECO grader. The graders are available in four distinct lengths: 4 feet, 5 feet, 6 feet, and 8 feet. Based on your vehicle’s towing abilities and the size of the surface you need graded, you can choose the correct one for your needs.

Due to the greater-than-average lengths of our road graders, they complete work faster, and provide greater fuel efficiency as fewer passes are needed.

Every road grader is built and assembled using the highest quality materials. They are treated with baked-on powder-coating paint to ensure excellent durability. Additional features include LED tail lights, heavy-duty golf cart tires, and are adjustable depending on the slope of your surface.

The ECO grader combines traditional proven methods with innovative features for the most reliable surface grading.

Industry Leaders in Road Grader Sales Manufacturing and Design

Schunk's Enterprises, Inc is proud to provide our exceptional expertise in road grading technology. With our extensive expertise and constant design upgrades, we ensure that each road grader is built according to the strictest specifications.

We believe in the superiority of our road graders, and we are pleased to introduce them to residential and commercial customers in a wide variety of industries.

Enjoy Years of Durable, Convenient Workmanship with an ECO Grader

When you purchase an ECO grader from Schunk's Enterprises, Inc, you’ll benefit from exceptional longevity, great performance, and unmatched customer service. We don’t outsource anything and are involved in each step from design to completion and delivery.

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