Eco Grader ATV Model

If you’re looking for an easy way to create smooth and level surfaces, Schunk's Enterprises, Inc’s Eco Graders for ATV is the way to go. With easy-to-use mounts and clever super-efficient design, you’ll be able to create your own paths, drives, surfaces, trails, and so much more. Choose the eco-friendly grader that will save you money on gas!

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What Kind of Grader Do You Need?

Before you decide to drop a bunch of money on a grader, you need to figure which one suits your needs. What do you plan to do with your grader? Are you going to build a driveway? Smooth out a forest trail? We have designed a selection of graders that can help you complete a wide range of tasks. Our graders are perfect for:

  • Driveways
  • Private roads
  • Paths
  • ATV trails
  • Campgrounds
  • Tracks
  • Trails
  • Lanes
  • Gated communities
  • Golf courses

Designed with functionality in mind, our graders are built for farmers, builders, landscapers, and more. We combine top-quality materials with field-tested designs, to bring our clients the best of the best in grading technology.

The Grader Designed and Manufactured by a Farmer

Every farmer knows the challenge that grading and leveling presents. So, who better to design and build one? We bring years of experience into our products to solve key problems that constantly frustrate, delay, and antagonize everyone that needs to use graders. With wireless remote adjustable components, durable blades, and expert construction, our Eco Graders will make your life a whole lot easier.

With Schunk's Enterprises, Inc, your days of grinding away and troubleshooting out in the field are long gone. This is the ATV pulled grader that will change the way you work. Call us now to learn more!

ATV Graders that Are Eco-Friendly

Our graders are designed to limit the number of times you have to go over an area. Tests have shown that even on harder packed surfaces, the Eco Grader will often succeed in one try. Leveling has never been so easy!

Not only will you save time on work, but you're going to save money on gas. Perfect for hard ground and new material leveling, you’ll notice a difference in your fuel consumption on day 1.

Eco Graders for ATVs that Are Built to Last

With a ton of amazing features and durable construction, our graders have proven to beat out the competition on both functionality and durability. They are easy to operate and can be connected to either an ATV or a golf cart. Very little training is required to master this device fully.

Our clients agree that this is a real game-changer in farming and landscaping equipment. Become our next happy client. Call us now to learn more!

Eco Grader ATV Model

4ft Grader


4 ft ECO Grader: retail price $ 599.00

Standard equipment:
4ft wide and 8ft long
Blades are replaceable 2”x2”x 3/8” angle
48”wide box scraper replaceable
2” Ball hitch
Manual crank adjustment for Height in the front.
Has height adjustable and replaceable rear skid shoe for each side of the unit. This allows for tip of the grader and helps for crowning the road bed.

Optional Equipment;
Two Rear wheels in place of skid shoes on rear. Retail price $74.00

ECO Grader

5ft Grader


5 ft ECO Grader: retail price $ $ 2,795.00

Standard equipment:
5ft wide x 13 ft long
12ft of replaceable 3inch x3/8 thick blades.
8 " golf cart tires w 4 bolt rim
2" ball hitch
Wireless remote control for lifting.
Independent rear axle adjustment.
Free shipping in USA

Optional equipment
Battery box with dry cell 12 volt battery and battery charge: list price 210.00
Full set of replacement blades 4" x 3/8": List price 135.00

5ft Grader

6ft Grader


6 ft ECO Grader: retail price $ $ 5,369.00

Standard equipment:
6ft wide 17ft long
18ft of 6x1/2"thick replaceable Blades
frame is 5x5x1/4thick tubing
Tires 10" rims , 5 bolt hubs
2" ball hitch with 2 safety cables
Manual independent rear height on each side
(tilt the unit for better crowning of the road way you are grading)
Slow moving vehicle sign, and rear reflector tape.
comes with 7 concrete blocks bolted down

Optional Equipment
Manual lift ratchet for front 129.00
2 way hydraulic cylinder with 8ft hoses and pioneer couplers 246.00
Two Notched blades made of hard ware AR400 steel 300.00
(replaces the front blades on each side)
Factory installed LED tail Lights 575.00
Wireless remote control hydraulic Unit $2,580.00
lockable tough plastic tool box
Two way valve 12volt hydraulic pump
wireless remote controller
12 volt deep cycle interstate battery
12 volt battery tender charger
comes all ready for hydraulic hoses to couple on

6 ft ECO Grader

8ft Grader


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